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      Title: Four-Hour Bread 
 Categories: Bread Osg1966 
   Servings: 1
       1 c  Potatoes; mashed           
       1 qt Potato water                
     1/2 c  Flour                       
     1/2 c  Sugar                       
       1 ea Yeast cake                  
       2 tb Lard                        
       2 tb Salt                        
   Pour potato water, hot, over flour and sugar. Add  potatoes and cool. 
   Add yeast. Make sponge. Beat 5 minutes, then let rise and add lard and
   salt. Stiffen up and knead at least 20 minuts. Let rise again. Make   
   into loaves or light cakes. Let rise and bake                         
   Note:Potato water is water left from boiling potatoes.                
   Source: Estella Roberts, Salt Rock Grange, Marion County, OH