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  Categories: Low-cal, Desserts, Fruits
       Yield: 6 servings
     1/3 c  Cornflake crumbs
     1/4 c  Firmly packed brown sugar
       3 tb Flour
       2 tb Crystallized ginger, chopped
            -or 1 tsp ginger
       2 tb Margarine/butter melted
       6    Rome or McIntosh apples,
            -peeled, cored and thinly
            -sliced (6 cups)
       2 tb Sugar
       2 ts Lemon juice
   1 1/2 c  Frozen vanilla nonfat yogurt
            -or vanilla ice milk
   Heat oven to 400F. Spray 8 inch square (1 1/2 quart)
   baking disk with non stick spray. In a small bowl,
   combine the cornflake crumbs, brown sugar, flour and
   ginger; mix well. Add in melted margarine or butter
   and mix well. Place apples in spray-coated dish. Add
   sugar and lemon juice; toss to coat. Sprinkle apples
   with crumb mixture; press gently. Bake for 25-30
   minutes or until apples are tender and mixture is
   bubbly. Cool slightly; serve with frozen vanilla
   yogurt or ice milk.