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       Title: Peanut Soup
  Categories: African, Soups, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 pt Good stock (preferably made
            -from chicken carcass with
            -one onion
       1 pt Shelled peanuts
       1 c  Milk
   This is from an old, old book put out for British settlers in
   Nyasaland in Africa.  Not sure what that is today...  The recipe is
   simple and to the point and actually looks pretty good.  I have some
   other peanut soup recipes++Asian ones++that I'll be posting for you
   over the weekend.
   Dry peanuts in the oven until the skin can be rubbed off and the nuts
   are a deep biscuit in colour.  Crush with a rolling pin, or mince, to
   a very fine meal.  Strain the stock and simmer with the nut meal for
   1/2 hour or more. Season to taste.  Before serving, stir in milk, or
   even better, 1/2 small tin unsweetened condensed milk, add a little
   butter and serve.
   From “Nyasaland Cookery Book and Household Guide”.  Compiled and
   published by The Nyasaland Council of Women.  P.O.  Box 318, Limbe,
   Nyasaland. No date given.  [But it’s REAL old.  S.C.]
   Posted by Stephen Ceideburg; January 11 1991.