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  Categories: Soups
       Yield: 4 servings
       1    Onion (very large),
       1    Swiss chard bunch
       1 cn Garbanzo beans
            -(known also as chick
            -peas, ceci, etc.)
     1/2 c  Raisins
     1/2 c  Rice, raw
       2    Yams
            Several fresh tomatoes
            -(or large can)
       1    Garlic clove
            -(or more to taste)
            Salt and pepper,
            -to taste
            Tabasco sauce,
            -to taste
   Fry onion, garlic and white stems of chard until barely limp.  Add
   chopped greens and fry a bit.
   Either peel the yams or scrub them well with a vegetable brush, then
   slice them into thick slices.  Add garbanzos, raisins, yams,
   tomatoes, salt and pepper.  Cook a couple of minutes.
   Make a well in the center of the mixture in the pot.  Put the rice in
   the well and pat it down until it’s wet. Cover and cook until rice is
   done, about 25 minutes. Add Tabasco sauce to taste.
   *  A spicy vegetable stew -- I got this recipe from my mom, who got
   it from a friend. It’s very easy to make.
   *  I find that the flavors of the vegetables don't stand out unless
   you put in a lot of tabasco. But then, I've got a cast-iron tongue.
   You should add enough to make the stew seem spicy to you.
   : Difficulty:  easy.
   : Time:  15 minutes preparation, 30 minutes cooking.
   : Precision:  no need to measure.