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       Title: Adobong Antigo
  Categories: Filipino, Chicken, Pork
       Yield: 5 servings
       2 lb Chicken or pork,
            -cut in serving pieces
     1/4 c  Vino blanco
            -or five-year-old rum
       4 ts Soy sauce
       5    Cloves garlic
       2 ts Salt
       1 c  Vinegar
       1 c  Buko juice
            -(coconut water)
       1    Small head garlic, crushed
   Marinate the meat in the vino blanco or rum, soy sauce, garlic, salt,
   pepper and vinegar, for at least two hours.  Drain. Fry meat till
   golden, pour off excess oil and add buko juice. Simmer till tender
   and adobo begins to give off oil.  Fry the extra garlic and sprinkle
   on the adobo before serving.
   From Filipinas Magazine - May 1995 issue