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                           Taco Take-Out Filling
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Meats                            Beef
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    2      pounds        Ground chuck
    1      cup           Onion -- chop
    1                    Green pepper -- chop
    1      teaspoon      Mustard seeds
    3      tablespoons   Beef bouillon powder -- or
    1      teaspoon      Chili powder      1/8  teaspoon      Tabasco    1
    teaspoon      Cumin powder    1 1/2  cups          Bottled chili sauce
    1/3  cup           Sweet pickle relish    1      small         Can
 tomato paste    6      ounces        Water tomato
 Paste can    3      tablespoons   Dark molasses   10 1/2  ounces
 Beef broth                         Hot fried taco shells
      Lettuce -- shred                         Monterey Jack Cheese -- grate
 Pack beef into ungreased 10 skillet on medium heat. Cover and let simmer,
 reducing to low heat after 5 minutes. You don't  really want to overbrown
 the beef, but to allow some moisture to combine  with the natural fat in
 the chuck to create a broth while it simmer. Depending on the percentage of
 fat content in the beef, I'd let it steam  like this for about 12-15
 minutes. Turn off heat. Drain liquid from beef  into blender with HALF of
 the beef. With on/off speed blend this mixture  until it resembles a
 brick-layer’s mortar. To the mixture of pulverized  beef and the remaining
 half which you did not put into the blender, add  onion, green pepper,
 mustard seed, bouillon powder and chili powder. Stir  in hot pepper sauce,
 cumin powder, chili sauce, sweet pickle relish,  tomato paste, water,
 molasses and beef broth. (If you like a thinner  sauce, add more beef
 broth). Simmer this uncovered, stirring frequently to  prevent scorching or
 use your slow cooker on “high” for about 2 hours. On  top of the range,
 simmer 1 hour, adding additional liquid as necessary to  keep sauce
 consistency. Spoon it into the fried taco shells. Top it off  with lettuce,
 grated cheese and Taco 5 Alarm Sauce. Source: Gloria Pitzer Presents The
 Secret Restaurant Recipes Cookbook
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