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                      Hashbrowns Like the Waffle House
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 Open a bag of frozen hash browns. Prepare the amount you need and while
 they are browning, dice and sauté a little fresh onion in a bit of olive
 oil and a dab of butter until onions are limp. OR Micro WARM a small jar
 of Cheez Whiz per label directions. OR dice up some boiled ham. OR warm up
 a can of Campbell’s Chili Beef Soup, diluted just to spooning consistency
 with a little V-8 juice. OR dice up some fresh tomato. OR for extra
 crispy, pat down with back of spatula in extra oil or butter until browned
 to your liking. OR for “steamed”, add a few spoons of water just around
 edge of browning potatoes and put a lid on them to let them “steam” a few
 minutes until soft. Source: Gloria Pitzer’s Newsletter.
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