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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    4       tb           Butter
    1       lb           Mushrooms (fresh), cleaned,
                         -trimmed and sliced thinly
    1       lg           Onion, finely chopped
    1       c            Burgundy wine
                         -(or other red wine)
    4       tb           Flour
   10       oz           Chicken broth (canned)
    1       c            Water (more as needed)
      1/2   ts           Garlic flakes, dried
   Melt the butter in a small pan (about 1-quart size).
   Add the mushrooms to the pan and cook over medium heat
   until all the liquid that cooks out of them has
   evaporated and you just have the oil from the butter
   (in the pan with the mushrooms). Stir frequently so
   they brown, but do not burn.
   Add the chopped onion and red wine.  Continue cooking
   until all the liquid has cooked out (you are left with
   just the oil from the butter in the pan, with the
   mushrooms and onions). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THERE
   THE BUTTER. (The onions may cook down until you can't
   see them.)
   Add the flour to the mushroom mixture.  Stir well so
   that the oil from the butter is absorbed by the flour.
   Add the entire can of chicken broth at once and stir
   well. The broth and the flour/butter mixture should
   combine to make a thick liquid. This may not thicken
   until it starts to boil. Stir constantly, or the
   mixture will stick to the bottom of the pan.
   Add enough water to make the gravy have a consistency
   you like.  I like mine thick, so a cup of water is
   enough. Lower the heat. Add the dried minced garlic
   and cook over low heat until the garlic flakes absorb
   enough liquid to no longer be crunchy.
   Cathe’s notes:
   *  Created in California, 1976.
   Vicki’s notes:
   *  When Cathe first gave me this recipe (mid '80s), it
   said to saute the onion in 1 T olive oil (then remove
   onions). Then cook only *1/2 pound* of mushrooms in
   the oil, and add 1/4 t garlic salt (no garlic flakes).
   The recipe said to brown the mushrooms until no juice
   was left and mushrooms were “squeaky.” Then add half
   the wine, cook down, add rest of wine, and cook down.
   Return onions and add just *1 tablespoon* of butter;
   stir in *1/4 cup* of flour, stirring frequently, till
   very brown.  Then it said to add half the chicken
   broth, mix well, add rest, and cook at “gentle bubble”
   till thickened.
   “If too thick, add up to 1/2 cup of water; cook at
   slow bubble till flour taste is gone.”
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