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      title: cajun bbq sauce
 categories: professional, sauce
   servings: 20
       1 t  black pepper
       1 t  kosher salt
       1 t  onion powder
       1 t  garlic powder
     1/2 t  white pepper
     1/2 t  cayenne
     1/2 lb sliced bacon
       1 c  onion
       2 c  beef stock
       1 c  chili sauce
       1 c  honey
       5 t  fresh orange juice
       1 t  orange zest
       2 t  fresh lemon juice
       1 t  lemon zest
       2 t  garlic puree
     1/4 c  unsalted butter
 combine salt, peppers, onion powder, and garlic powder-mix well and set
 cook bacon until crisp 
 add onions, cover, and cook until browned, without burning add dry spice
 mixture, heat and stir for 1 minute 
 add remaining ingredients
 heat and stir for 20-25 minutes 
 pour into a food processor 
 process to a smooth puree
 use as a mopping sauce
 serve hot or warm as a dipping sauce