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                            CAROL'S SKETTI SAUCE
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Sauces
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1       lb           Ground sirloin
    1       lb           Ground porterhouse
    2       tb           Olive oil
    3                    Medium onions, coarsely chop
    2                    Leeks, sliced (white portion
    6       tb           Minced garlic (more if desir
    3       cn           NO SALT added tomatoes
    1       cn           NO SALT added tomato sauce
    1       cn           LOW SALT chicken broth
    2       cn           Water (use the chicken broth
    4                    Ribs of celery & leaves, cho
    1                    Green bell pepper, minced
    1                    Red bell pepper, minced
   10                    Large - golf size mushrooms,
    4                    Very large ripe tomatoes, ch
    1 1/3   tb           Oregano
    1       tb           Thyme
      2/3   tb           White pepper
    2       tb           Dried cilantro
    4       tb           Dried parsley
    1       tb           Sugar
    2                    Bay leaves
   Here is what I do.  I brown the meat in the olive oil. I add the onions &
   saute till they are somewhat tender. I then add all the other ingredients.
   Usually the canned ones first then the fresh ingred. Let this come to a
   boil & then turn down.  Simmer with the stockpot cover OFF for 6 or more
   hours.  Of course, you can use sooner. I like it to cook down & thicken.
   Either way it is very good. Many times I add more mushrooms as I like them.
   Do slice them thickly; i.e. 3 slices to one very large mushroom. I like to
   see the mushrooms! SMILE. This isn't a traditional recipe for spaghetti
   sauce.  It is something that has “happened” over the years. It finally
   developed into what you see. My husband, Punky aka Hap, enjoys this recipe
   very much.  I certainly hope you do too. I don't think I have forgotten
   anything. Oh, we use the low salt stuff - you don't have to do that. My guy
   had bypass surgery in Aug. so we are watching the sodium. I now make this
   with ground turkey too.  It is very good with the turkey. Several Prodigy
   members have tried this recipe. To my delight--they have liked it very
   much.  I hope you do too.  Oh, yes, this does freeze well. I just made 16
   quarts of this on Sunday. I usually add some more garlic when I unfreeze a
   portion.  This seems to make it tastier. We love garlic in our sketti! I
   also add some red crushed pepper flakes to my plate of sketti. Punky does
   not like things as hot as I. Remember to adjust seasonings to your taste.
   Enjoy. Carol Rheaume-Frischknecht l/l5 ll:03 PM PST
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