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 Tuna Fish Sauce for Spaghetti
 Recipe By:  Mary Govoni
 Serving Size:  8
 Categories: Pasta
 1  can   anchovies   
 1  clove Garlic   chopped fine
 1  small Onion chopped fine
 1  3 oz. can   tuna in oil 
 1  small can   Tomato Sauce   
 1  package  Spaghetti   Cooked
 In sauce pan Sweat onion and garlic. Add Anchovies and Tuna (Including
 Oil) Stir until a paste forms. Add Tomato sauce. Mix with one package of
 thin Spaghetti.
 Notes:   Italian Tuna Fish In olive oil is preferred (we use Pastene
 brand) the tomato sauce is from one of those really small cans like
 Hunt’s. About 1/2 cup