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       Title: Waldine’s Seafood Gumbo
  Categories: Soups, Seafood, Wrv
       Yield: 10 servings
 ----------------WALDINE VAN GEFFEN VGHC42A----------------
       4 tb Oil
       3 c  Okra; dice or
       2    Boxes frozen cut okra
     1/2 c  Celery; chop
       2 cl Garlic; chop
       1    Green pepper; chop
       2 bn Green onions; chop
       2 tb Parsley; chop
       8 oz Can tomatoes
       8 oz Can tomato sauce
       1    Bay leaf; crumble
     1/2 ts Thyme
            Salt and pepper
       3 qt Hot water
       2 c  Raw shrimp; peel, devein
   1 1/2 c  Crabmeat
       3    Boiled crabs; break in pcs
   Put oil in large heavy pot. Add okra and saute. Add
   celery, garlic and pepper; cook until light brown. Add
   green onions and parsley; cook about 2 minutes longer.
   Add tomatoes and sauce, bay leaf, thyme salt and
   pepper. Cook for 5 minutes; stir. Add 1 qt hot water;
   cook for 20 minutes. Add crabmeat and another quart
   hot water. Cook 30 minutes. Add remaining water and
   cook for 1 hour. Add shrimp and boiled crabs about 1/2
   hour before removing from heat. Serve over rice in
   soup bowls.