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       Title: Grilled Cajun Style Gator Tail
  Categories: Ethnic, Meats, Seafood
       Yield: 16 Servings
    4.00    To 6 lbs gator tail lemon
    1.00    Seasoning mix:
   12.00 tb Paprika
    6.00 tb Garlic powder
    3.00 tb Salt
    3.00 tb White pepper
    3.00 tb Oregano, crushed
    3.00 tb Black pepper
    2.50 tb Thyme
    1.00 tb Cayenne pepper
   To make seasoning mix, combine paprika, garlic powder, salt, white
   pepper, oregano, black pepper, thyme and cayenne pepper in jar with
   tight fitting lid. Shake well to combine.  Mixture may be stored for
   up to 3 months. When ready to cook, cut gator tail meat into 1/2
   cubes. Roll each cube in 1 tablespoon of the mixture. Cook over high
   heat on an outdoor barbecue grill or under the oven broiler for 4 to
   6 minutes, or until gator tail meat is white and firm to the touch.
   Serve warm with lemon wedges. The seasoning mixture will coat up to
   24 (4 oz.) servings of gator tail. Submitted By BARRY WEINSTEIN   On
   03-15-95 (0636)