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       Title: Ducklings Swimming in a Pond
  Categories: Chinese, Seafood, Soups
       Yield: 4 servings
       6 c  Rich chicken broth
     1/2 c  Shelled green peas (or
            -quartered snowpeas)
      12    Shelled baby shrimp
       4    Nami black mushrooms
       3    Egg whites
            Yellow food coloring
   Even mature adults - gourmets no less - “oo” and “ah”
   when presented with this simple-to-prepare soup.
   Preparation:  Wash & soak mushrooms in warm water for
   1 hour; slice into thin strips; reserve.  Blanch
   shrimp in salted boiling water (omit if shrimp are
   Make ducklings within hour or less of serving.  Have
   steamer ready.
   Work with eggs & mixing bowl at room temperature.
   Separate whites & yolks; reserve yolks for another
   recipe.  Beat egg whites, starting slowly, then
   progressively faster after eggs begin to foam, until
   eggs are stiff but not runny. If whites are too stiff,
   they tend to break apart in shaping process.
   Form 2 ducklings per serving.  Use tablespoon to form
   body; flatten egg in spoon; turn over onto steaming
   plate. To body, add blob of egg for neck & head,
   another piece for tail. Use toothpick to carefully
   shape head & tail.
   Steam one as test. Steaming should take 30-60 seconds
   to set surface of egg. After steaming, swab beak &
   tail with yellow food coloring; put color on toothpick
   to mark eyes.
   Soup:  30 minutes or so before serving, heat broth to
   just under boil; add mushrooms & peas.  5 minutes
   before serving, add shrimp & desired seasonings.  Pour
   soup into warm serving bowl.  Float ducklings on soup.