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  Categories: Italian, Pasta
       Yield: 8 servings
   1 3/4 lb Yellow pumpkin or
            - Hubbard squash (or Acorn)
     1/4 lb Mostarda di Cremona (fruit
            -pickled in mustard),
            -finely chopped
       2 oz Amaretti cookies, finely
            - ground
            Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese
            Salt, pepper
            1/2 to 1 tsp. dried mustard,
            - optional
       2 tb Bread crumbs, optional
   2 1/4 c  All-purpose flour
       3    Eggs, beaten well
     1/4 c  Unsalted butter
            Typed by Manny Rothstein
   (This recipe is from Dal Pescatore, just north of Parma, Italy,“considered
   by many to be the best restaurant in the entire country” sez the Times, so
   it must be true.)MR
     This filling takes some adjusting to resemble the stuff the Santinis
   brought from home. Their Mostarda, which they make themselves every year,
   had a mustard-y bite that nearly brought tears to our eyes. The stuff we
   bought here, in an Italian specialty store, was much sweeter, so we added a
   bit of dried mustard to crank up the heat. Also, since we could find
   neither yellow pumpkin nor Hubbbard squash on the day we shopped for
   testing materials, we used acorn squash. It worked fairly well but required
   some additional bread crumbs to become firm enough to hold together
   properly. When it’s done, the flavors are explosive and almost medieval,
   combining sweet squash with mustard-y hot mostarda and rich cheese and
     Prepare filling up to 2 days in advance, but definitely before pasta is
   rolled out. Cut pumpkin or squash in sections, remove seeds. In pan bake at
   350 degrees until tender. Pass through food mill into large bowl. Add
   Mostarda, amaretti, 2 tb cheese and dash of ground nutmeg. Season to taste
   with salt and pepper. Mix well and taste. Filling should have definite
   mustard-heat. If not, add up to 1 ts dried mustard. Filling should also be
   fairly firm and loosly hold together when formed in ball. If not, add up to
   2 tb bread crumbs.
     In bowl mix flour and eggs. Knead into smooth ball and wrap in plastic
   wrap. Set aside at least 1/2 hour. Devide in quarters and work with 1
   portion at a time, keeping rest tightly wrapped in plastic wrap. Knead and
   roll out on pasta machine to next-to-thinnest setting. Cut into long strip
   and cut strip at 2-inch intervals into squares.
     Place ball of stuffing slightly smaller than walnut in center of each
   rectangle. Diagonally fold over 1 corner of rectangle to meet opposite
   corner. Press to seal. Fold base of triangle over to form “paper hat” shape
   and prell sides to seal. Set aside on floured kitchen towel and repeat
   until all dough is used up.
     Sprinkle heated serving dish with 1 1/2 tb cheese. Melt butter in
   saucepan. Cook tortelli in abundant boiling, salted water 4 to 5 minutes,
   until pasta is cooked. Remove with slotted spoon, working carefully to
   avoid breaking pasta. Place tortelli over cheese in serving dish. Sprinkle
   with another 1 1/2 tb cheese. Pour melted butter over. Toss gently. Makes 8
   Each serving contains about: 274 calories; 115 mg sodium; 105 mg
   cholesterol; 11 grams fat; 37 grams carbs.; 8 grams protein; 1.44 grams
   (MR notes: Ratio of egg to flour may need to be juggled to get right
   texture, depending on flour used. If filling needs more heat, consider
   using Japanese horseradish.) L A Times, 3/17/94.