Veal Piccata (Italian Style Veal Scallops)    No. 2231 Yields 2 Servings
    3/4 Lb        Veal Round, Sliced       1/3 Cup       Flour, Unsifted
                  1/4 Thick & Pounded       1 Tbls      Olive Oil
                  Thin as for Scaloppine     2 Tbls      Lemon Juice
    3/4 tsp       Salt                       2 tsp       Parsley, Minced
    1/8 tsp       Pepper
 Sprinkle both sides of veal with salt and pepper.
 Cut into squares, about 3 x 3".
 Dredge in flour.
 Shake off any excess.
 Heat the oil and the butter in a heavy skillet over high heat for 1 minute.
 Add the veal.
 Brown, 1 to 2 minutes per side.
 Drain on paper towelling.
 Add the lemon juice and parsely to the skillet.
 Stir quickly to get up any browned bits.
 Return the veal to the skillet.
 Warm for a minute or two, basting with the lemon & parsley mixture.