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  Categories: Fish, Soups
       Yield: 4 servings
      48    Clams
     3/4    Bottle white wine (1 liter)
            Small onion
            Clove garlic
       1 qt Fish stock
            Peeled, chopped tomato
            Small bunch marjoram
            Leaf of celery
       4 x  Crusts of bread (croutons)
   From the Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine, 1873:  via
   Elizabeth David’s ITALIAN FOOD.  “Into a saucepan put
   4 dozen *vongole* or small clams (cockles or mussels
   can be used as well).  Pour over them three-quarters
   of a bottle of white wine and let them cook until they
   have opened.  Drain them, setting aside the liquid in
   which they have cooked, and remove the empty
   half-shells.  -- Chop the white part of a leek with a
   small onion, add a clove of garlic, and saute this
   mixture in a saucepan with good oil, add the liquid
   from the clams, and a quart of fish stock;  add a
   peeled and chopped tomato, a bouquet of marjoram, and
   a few green leaves of celery.  Let this bubble fast
   for ten minutes, remove the bouquet and the garlic,
   stir the clams into the soup, and pour it into the
   tureen.  Serve separately small croutons of bread
   fried in oil.”