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       Title: Halloween Punch
  Categories: Beverages, Desserts
       Yield: 24 servings
   12	oz	orange juice concentrate, frozen 12	oz	grape juice, white, bottle
   2	lt	7-Up 1	pt	sherbet, lemon or lime 		green food coloring Mix together a
   12 ounce can of orange juice concentrate, a 12 ounce bottle of white grape
   juice, 2 liter bottle of 7-Up, pint of lemon or lime sherbet, and several
   drops of>> green food coloring (rum or vodka to taste, optional). If
   desired, serve with large, buoyant, and well-washed plastic spiders on the
   Here are some other good ideas from the book which you could also use as a
   contest or conversation starter.  (My idea)
    l.  Turn sandwiches intoi jack-o'lanters! Cut eyes, nose, and mouth into
   the top layer of bread and let the top layer (preferably much darker--or
   much lighter--than the bread show through. 2. Make edible spiders for
   Halloween treats: a prune for the body, licorice slivers or stick pretzels
   for the legs, and two “red-hots” for the eyes,]
    3.  Turn apples into jack-o'-lanterns!  Using a sharp knife or razor,
   carefully cut portions of the skin away to make eyes, nose, and mouth.
    For a Halloween dessert, make an edible with’s hat using a large, flat,
   dark cookie for the brim and an ice-cream sugar cone for the crown. Fill
   the cone with ice cream even to the rim and center it on top of the cookie.
   To enhance the illusion, consider giving the top of the cookie, a thin
   layer of chocolate frosting.     >>> 4. A plain sour-cream based chip or
   vegetable dip can quickly be transformed into a delightfully ghoulish
   Halloween dip by adding a fre drops of freen food coloring to the dip
   itself, and then scattering small bits of red and yellow bellk pepper
   across the top.,
    5.  Serve fruit salad in a large, hollowed-out, and well-scrubbed
   pumpking.  Or serve it in a small pumpkins: one for each diner. If desired,
   paint a jack-o'-lantern on the pumpkin shell.