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                         VIRGINIA B. SAUER
   In addition to “fabric hats”, etc., you can always
   paint the outside of the jar. *Sketch a simple design;
   fit around the jar until plesed with the arrangement.
   Tape, design-side-out, to inside of jar. *Following
   the pattern, paint with oil paints on the outside of
   the jar. Let dry. *Remove taped pattern from inside of
   jar. *Bake jars 1 hour in 200 degree oven to set
   paint. *Turn off oven but leave jars inside for a
   couple of hours to finish setting paint. Fill with
   food. Decorate lid as desired (e. g., fabric hats,
   doily with ribbon blending with colors in paint, et
   cetra. Hope that this helps. Regards, Virginia   MM
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