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                               Spice Hot Pads
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    4                    cinnamon sticks
    2      tablespoons   cloves
    1      cup           raw rice
 Crush the cinnamon sticks and cloves.  Mix with the uncooked rice.  Place in a
 cloth bag, about 7 x 7".  Sew up the open end.  Use as a hot pad, the scent
 will come out when a hot dish is placed on the mat.  You can substitute herbs
 (herbal tea works well) for the spices.  If you want to be more fancy,
 carefully sew seams across the pad, so you end up with a criss-cross or
 chessboard pattern.  This will make the pad less floppy and easier to use.
 Notes:You can also use feed corn or lentils instead of rice, for an even more
 frugal gift.  Cut back on the spices, and these make excellent heating pads.
 You can heat them up in the microwave and put them in your bed in the winter.
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