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  Categories: Appetizers, Soups, Vegetables
       Yield: 8 servings
       3 T  Butter OR
       3 T  Mild vegetable oil (corn)
       1    Large onion, chopped
       3 c  Chicken stock (3-4 cups)
      28 oz Can Whole tomatoes w/ juices
       1 T  Maple syrup or honey
       4 c  Freshly made pumpkin OR
       4 c  Fresh butternut puree OR
       4 c  Canned pumpkin puree
            Salt to taste
            Red Pepper Puree garnish OPT
   1.  In a 10-inch skillet, melt the butter or heat oil over medium-low
   heat.  Add the onion and saute slowly, stirring often, until limp but not
   brown, 6-7 minutes.  Stir in 3 cups stock and let simmer, partially
   covered, about 15 minutes.
   2.  Pour the tomatoes with their juice into a food processor.  Add the
   maple syrup or honey, and puree.  Add the pumpkin, and buzz again.  Strain
   the stock, and add the strained-out onions to the processor.  Buzz again,
   and, if an extra smooth soup is desired, put through a power strainer.
   3.  Add the tomato-pumpkin puree to the stock.  Season with the salt.
   Reheat, and serve very hot, garnished with red pepper puree if desired.
   Serves 8-10 as a first course.