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                          BOUILLABAISSE ET ROUILLE
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Fish                             Casseroles
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         Stephen Ceideburg
    3       lb           Assorted white fish *
      1/3   c            Olive oil
    5                    Garlic cloves, chopped
    5                    To 10 Saffron threads
    1       pn           Thyme
    2       lg           Onions, coarsely chopped
    3       lb           Clean fish bones **
    5       lg           Tomatoes ***
    1                    Bouquet garni ****
    2                    Carrots, coarsely chopped
    2                    Leeks, coarsely chopped
                         Salt and freshly ground
    6       c            Water
    1 1/4   c            Dry white wine
    2       lb           Clams, washed
    1       t            Saffron threads
    2       ts           Pernod
    2                    Baguettes (French bread) cut
                         -diagonally into thin slices
    2       lg           Garlic cloves, peeled
    1                    Rouille (see recipe)
   * such as sea bass, flounder, red snapper, grouper,
   perch, sole, pike, haddock, and cod. ** (remove fins,
   skin, etc. and all traces of blood) *** peeled, cored,
   seeded and chopped. **** 1 bay leaf, 1 thyme sprig, 6
   parsley sprigs pinch each of grated orange peel,
   ground fennel seeds, basil, and oregano.
   Provencal fish stew with garlic toast and Red Pepper
   Fillet the fish or have your fishmonger do it for you.
   Save the bones. Cut the fish into 1-in (2.5-cm)
   chunks. Marinate with 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 clove
   chopped garlic, a few saffron threads, and a pinch of
   thyme for at least 1 hour.
   Saute the onions and remaining chopped garlic in 4
   tablespoons olive oil for 4 minutes. Add the fish
   bones, tomatoes, bouquet garni, orange peel, fennel
   seeds, basil, oregano, carrots, leeks, salt and
   pepper, and cook covered for 10 minutes. Add the water
   and 1 cup of the wine and bring to a boil. Simmer
   uncovered for 30 minutes, using a wooden spoon from
   time to time to crush the bones. Remove from the heat.
   Blend the mixture in a blender for a few seconds and
   then strain it into a soup pot through a fine strainer
   lined with cheesecloth. Discard the residue in the
   strainer. Taste the stock for seasoning. If it tastes
   a little thin, reduce over high heat for a few minutes
   until the flavor is more fully developed.
   Add the clams and simmer until they just begin to
   open. Add the fish and the remaining wine and cook at
   a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Add the saffron threads
   and continue to cook for another 5 minutes. Taste and
   season with Pernod, salt and pepper. Pour into warmed
   individual bowls.
   Meanwhile dry the baguette slices in the oven for a
   few minutes and then rub them with the whole cloves of
   garlic. Top the slices of bread with plenty of rouille
   and float them in the bowls of soup. Serve immediately.
   Michael Roberts writing in the Oregonian FOODday,
   Posted by Stephen Ceideburg
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