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       Title: Lentil Soup II
  Categories: Soups, Italian, Beans
       Yield: 8 Servings
       1 lb Lentils
       1 lg Carrot, cut bite size
     1/4 c  Onion, chopped
       3 ea Fresh tomatoes, peeled,
            -seeded and chopped
       8 c  Water
       1 ea Stalk celery, cut bite size
       1 ea Bay leaf
       2 c  Cooked Ham, diced
            Parmesan cheese
   Rinse lentils, place in soup kettle, cover with 8 cups of water. let
   come to a boil. Add ham to lentils and cook slowly for 45 minutes,
   letting flavors develop. In separate pan, saute onion, celery, and
   carrot in oilve oil, add salt, pepper, tomatoes, and bay leaf. Cook
   for about 20 minutes. Add vegetable mixture to lentils; simmer for 10
   minutes longer, until lentils and vegetables are tender. Serve with
   Parmesan cheese.