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                       LA POTEE AUVERGNATE (PRODIGY)
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Soups
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    2                    Garlic sausages
    6       oz           Bacon, in one piece
    2       md           Onions -- thinly sliced
   24                    Garlic cloves -- peeled
    1                    Calf’s foot, split (opt.)
    1       lb           Pork stew meat
      1/2   c            Dry great northern beans
    5       c            Low-sodium chicken broth
    1       sm           Sprig rosemary
    1                    Sprig thyme
    4                    Bay leaves
                         Pepper -- to taste
    2       md           Potatoes
    1       t            Salt -- or as desired
   12       oz           Smoked pork chops
    1       sm           Head green cabbage
                         - cut into strips
   PRICK THE SAUSAGES, then place in a 2-quart heavy pot
   with bacon and onions. Place over medium heat on top
   of the stove and cook 10 minutes. Remove the sausages,
   and set them aside. Pour off excess fat. Return the
   pot to the stove, add garlic, calf’s foot and pork
   stew meat, cover and cook another 10 minutes. Add
   beans and enough broth to barely cover. Add rosemary,
   thyme, bay leaves and pepper. Cover, bring to a boil
   and place the pot in the oven. Turn oven to 350F and
   cook for 1 hour. Check from time to time and add water
   if the beans dry out. Meanwhile, cut the sausages into
   1-inch pieces and quarter the potatoes. When the beans
   are soft, add salt, smoked pork, sausages, cabbage and
   potatoes. Replace the cover and replace the pot in the
   oven for another 35 minutes. When it’s time to put
   dinner on the table, fish the bay leaves out of the
   pot and serve the potee in the dish in which you
   cooked it.
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