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       Title: Wild Mushroom and Oyster Bisque
  Categories: Chatelaine, soups
       Yield: 7 cups
      15 g  dried sliced mushroom; pkg
       2 c  homogenized milk
     250 mL half-and-half cream
       1    roasted red pepper; chopped
       1 tb butter
       2 tb dry vermouth or sherry
       1    bay leaf
     1/4 ts salt, Tabasco
       1 pn nutmeg
      32 oz shucked fresh oysters; *see 
       2    green onions
   1.  In small dish, cover mushrooms with ½ cup boiling water and soak for 10
   2.  In saucepan, heat milk with cream, roasted pepper, butter, vermouth,   
   bay leaf, salt, tabasco and nutmeg over med-low heat until very hot, but   
   not simmering, about 5 mins, stirring often.  Stir in fresh oysters and    
   liquid, and mushrooms and liquid.  (If using canned oysters, rinse with    
   cold water, drain and add)  Cover and heat until edges of fresh oysters    
   just start to curl or until canned oysters are just heated through, about 3
    mins.  Do not boil.                                                       
   3.  Remove bay leaf, sprinkle with green onions and serve.                 
   * Do not drain oysters.  Will be about 4 cups.  If using canned, use 15oz  
   canned oysters.                                                            
   To make ahead.  Prepare soup but do not add oysters or their liquid.       
   Refrigerate for up to 1 day.  Just before serving, reheat soup, then stir  
   in oysters and liquid and heat as above.                                   
   Per serving:                                                               
   210 calories, 11.8g fat                                                    
   201mg calcium                                                              
   Source:  Chatelaine  Jan 97