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       Title: Hamburger Chowder
  Categories: meats, spreads
       Yield: 4 servings
     3/4 lb hamburger
       1 cn (14-1/2 oz) diced tomatoes
     1/2 lg onion, chopped
       3 md potatoes, sliced
       3 tb flour (heaping)
       2 tb chili powder
       1    salt and pepper to taste
       1    green bell pepper, chopped 
       3    garlic cloves, minced 
   In a pressure cooker, saute hamburger, then add tomatoes, onion, garlic,   
   (bell pepper and garlic if desired) salt and pepper. Mix thoroughly. Cover 
   securely and cook on “High” until steam is created, then place weight on   
   cover stem. When weight begins to rock, turn down to “Medium” to allow     
   weight to rock gently and cook for 10 minutes. Cool pot by passing cold    
   water over cover and remove weight carefully. Open cover carefully after   
   steam has been totally vented. Created paste from chili powder and flour.  
   Heat on “Medium” uncovered and serve.