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      Title: Pumpkin Spice Soup
 Categories: Main dish Vegetables Soups   
   Servings:    8
      16 oz Pumpkin; 1 Can 
      26 oz Evaporated Skimmed Milk; 2cn 
       1 tb Molasses 
     1/2 c  Light Corn Syrup 
     1/2 ts Salt 
     1/2 ts Pumpkin-Pie Spice 
       1 x  Nutmeg; To Taste 
   Place all the ingredients in a 2 1/2 to 3-quart mixer bowl.  Beat until
   well blended.  Refrigerate for several hours and stir before serving.
   Sprinkle with nutmeg for a garnish.
   Each 3/4 cup serving contains:
                                 Tot    Sat
   Cal    Prot    Carb    Fib    Fat    Fat    Chol     Sodium
   154    7 G     32 G    1 G     0      0      4 Mg     252 Mg
   From The Cookbook For The 90s By Helen V Fisher