----- Recipe via Meal-Master Convert v8.03
      Title: Mom’s Jersey  Fresh Tomato Soup
 Categories: Jersey fres, Soups
   Servings: 6
       2    Onions, finely sliced
       4    Bacon strips, cooked
            Crisp and crumbled
   1 1/2    Butter
       6    Red ripe jersey tomatoes,
            Peeled, cored and chopped
       2    Tomato paste
       3    Lemon rind strips
       4    Chicken stock
       1    Sugar
     1/2    Thyme (dried)
       1    Basil (dried)
            Salt and pepper to taste
            Croutons for garnish
            Fresh basil sprigs
            For garnish
 As you can see, I lose all measurement units.  I end up “guessing” when I try 
 to use the recipe, or I delete it out of hand if there’s no way to guess.  
 I'm rarely willing to go back to the Mastercook original and do the editing 
 manually.  Nor am I willing to use yet another utility in my processing.  
 (I'm already using the MM File Conversion utility, MMMenu and MMU_GT.)
 I know the fault is in the spacing of the ingredients lines, but I don't know 
 why some of them import OK and others not.  Please, if somebody can tell me 
 if there’s a “fix”, I'd be grateful and certainly shut up about the matter.  
 Has MM v 8.04 fixed it?  
 Thanks for any help!  And here’s a recipe: