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 White Gazpacho
 Recipe By: The Goldbecks Short-Order Cookbook
 Serving Size: 4
 Preparation Time: 5:00
 Categories: Soups
 Amount Measure Ingredient Preparation Method
 2     cups cucumber peeled and diced
 1     small clove garlic minced
  1/2 cup parsley
  1/2 teaspoon salt
 2     tablespoons white vinegar
 2     cups yogurt
  1/2 cup sour cream
 Combine cucumber, garlic, parseiy, salt and vinegar in a blender or food
 processor and blend until smooth.  Blend in yogurt and sour cream until
 evenly mixed.  Chill before serving.
 Notes: Tastes good with nonfat yogurt and nonfat sour cream
 Serving Ideas: Top with croutons.
 Terri Machett